Historical Society makes people guess and learn

November 11 2019

Time to time the Deniliquin & District Historical Society puts pictures online and asks people to guess what business it was and it is a lot of fun.

The one that got people thinking lately was one of a newsagency and it looked like there were few clues as the black & white usage makes it harder to identify little deals.

Most of the guesses were around the St George Bank and Sydney House area and at first glance, it looks right but it isn’t.

Marie Loy correctly guessed what it was and it makes a lot of sense when you look closely at the image.

The correct answer is that it is Deniliquin Florist.

The first clue was that to the left of the tree at window height is one of the balls you see on top of the three shops between the Florist and the Pastoral Times.

The second clue is the window border artwork, it is now obscured by the balcony rail that didn’t exist in the time the photo shown by the historical society but at artwork is still there in 2019.

The balcony side wall hides the style of the bricks at the corner of the building making it less obvious but take away that wall and it is clear as day.

So there we have it, a pre 1927 look at the building that is now Deniliquin Florist.

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