Movies shown at Regent Theatre

Started on May 12 2019, Updated November 20 2019

This post will be listed as many films as possible that were shown at the Regent Theatre which was Town Hall Pictures before 1937.

Unfortunately the list will never be 100% complete due to the destruction of records but we will make the list as complete as possible by going through newspaper archives.

This will take some time so keep on checking back with us and watch the list grow longer and longer.

Town Hall (aka Majestic Pictures, Marcelle’s Pictures, Town Hall Pictures and Regent Theatre)


The Stronger Love (1917)
The Rink (1917)
Prince’s Double (1917)


The Hidden Star (1918)
London Gazette (1918)
Good Little Bad Boy (1918)
The Strength of Donald Mackenzie (1918)


Flying Hoofs (1925)
Signal Tower (1925)
Ride for your Life (1925)
Smouldering Fires (1925)
Let’s Go (1925)
Gaiety Girl (1925)
Here He Comes (1925)
Fire Bride (1925)
The White Panther (1925)
Measure of a Man (1925)
The Near Lady (1925)
Some Tomboy (1925)
Restless Wives (1925)
Reckless Speed (1925)
Flying Fists (1925)
Uneasy Terms (1925)
Dangerous Peach (1925)
Tomboy (1925)
Streets of New York (1925)
Towbridge (1925)
Fifth Avenue Models (1925)
For Another Woman (1925)
Devotion (1925)
Lightning Romance (1925)
Mad Marriage (1925)
Enemies of Children (1925)
Hurricane Kid (1925)
My Baby Doll (1925)
Ridin’ Pretty (1925)
Slanderers (1925)
Snob Buster (1925)
Hill Park Mystery (1925)
Put On The Brakes (1925)
How Do You Get Your Exercise
Fool’s Highway
In Fast Company
Raisin Cain
Taming the East
The Right Man
The Coast Patrol
The Fireman
Sign of The Cactus
Law Forbids
Sailing Along
Too Much Youth
Why Not Now
Doctor’s Secret
The Silent Accuser
Up the Ladder
Powdered Chickens


Western Musketeers
Night Message
Putting On Airs
Canvas Kisser
Youth’s Gamble
Don’t Weaken
Love and Glory
On Time
Clear The Way
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Dangerous Innocence
Almost a Husband
Ridgeway of Montana
So This Is Melbourne
Marriage Morals
Quick Change
Telephone Girl – Serial
Don Daredevil
Speak Freely
Meddling Women
The Speed Demon
Sparks of Flint
Mud of Sand
Man in Blue
Hit and Run
Married Neighbours
Midnight Girl
Kicked About
Man Trackers
I’ll Show You The Town
Western Wallop
Rough Party
The Goat Getter
What The World Is Seeking
Burning Trail
Clean Up
Plenty of Nerve
Double Fisted
Love’s Protégé
Wildcat Jordan
Just in Time
Man of Iron
Sacred Flame
Polo Kid
The Cyclone Cavalier
Destiny’s Isle
Millions to Burn
Paging A Wife
Pride of the Force
As A Man Lives
In A Palace of Money
The Pacemakers – Serial
White Outlaw
First Degree
Won by Law
The Silent Accuser
Fighting Cub
Crying for Love
Speed Champion
Trail of the Axe
Roundup of the Bar U
The Dixie Handicap
The Teaser
Dry Up
Peacock’s Feathers
The Red Lily
Puzzled by Crosswords
Flaming Hearts
Bluebeard Junior
Spook Ranch
Excuse Me
After a Reputation
The Bashful Buccaneer
Danger Point
Educatin’ Buster
Roaring Adventure
Sporting Venus
Danger Quest
Other Men’s Daughters
The Goose Woman
The way of a Girl
Buster Be Good
Hungry Hearts
On Thin Ice
Those Who Judge
The Snob
Dangerous Fists
Cheap Kisses
Calgarly Stampede
Cupid’s Victory
California Straight Ahead
The Denial
Nursery Troubles
Racing Romance
Broadway Butterfly
So this is Marriage
Speedy Marriage
Starlight, The Untamed
Pampered Youth
Little Giant
Lady of the Night
Scandal Hunters
The Kid
Somebody’s Mother
Arazona Sweepstakes
Seven Chances
Little Red Riding Hood
Sunshine Trail
Fighting Fate
The Daredevil
Midnight Limited
The Average Woman
Love Gamble
His People
Fighting Fury
What Happened To Jones
Married Flirts
Captain Suds
The Hidden Menace
The Mansions of Aching Hearts
Daring Days
Going Good
Call of the Wild
Beautiful Cheat
Thunderbolt Strikes
Triple Action


Chip of the Flying U
Bright Lights
Shadows of Chinatown
Crimson Runner
Desperate Game
Pretty Ladies
My Friend The Detective
Destroying Angel
Courtship of Miles Sandwich
Still Alarm
The Only Thing
Perils of a Coastguard
What Shall I Do
Down to the Sea in Shoes
Bustin’ Through
Slave of Fashion
Buster’s Nose Dive
The Boaster
Ramshackle House
Transcontinental Limited
The Mystic
Broken Laws
Under Desert Lives
The Auction Block
Al’s Troubles
One Punch O’Day
Wise Virgin
The Demon
Soul Mates
Buster’s Hunting Party
Sky High Coral
Sally, Irene and Mary
Baited Trap
East of Broadway
My Old Pal
Zander, The Great
Chasing Trouble
Lovey Mary
Playing the Swell
Rolling Home
The Waster
Black Cyclone
Jim Hood’s Ghost
The Exquisite Sinner
The Dixie Flyer
Clash of the Wolves
The Cobbler
Wild Horse Stampede
The Beautiful Rebel
Buster’s Narrow Escape
The Flaming Forest
Texas Streak
His Girl Friend
Hi Jacking Rustlers
Fighting Edge
Exit Smiling
Her Ambition
Men of the Night
Speed Crazed
The Dancer Girl
Hot Heels
The Old Soak
George, The Winner
Sheriff’s Girl
The Gilded Highway
Ridin’ Rascal
There You Are
Buster’s Girl Friend
Love’s Blindness
The Terror
Honeymooning with Ma
He-Man’s Country
The Night Cry (Rin Tin Tin movie)
The Perch of the Devil
Buster watch Tige
Speed Cop
The Lone Wolf Returns
Brothers Under the Chin
The Desert’s Toll
Yellow Back
Love’s Hurdle
Reckless Mollycoddle
His Jazz Bride
Great Explorer
The Temptress
The Whole Town’s Talking
Jane’s Troubles
The Better ‘Ole
Red Clay
Which is Which
Kentucky Handycap
Devil’s Island
Love in a Cottage
Butterflies in the Rain
Little Journey
The Fighting Doctor
Lady Windemere’s Fan
Winners of the Wilderness
Hidden Loot
Please Excuse Me
Midnight Watch
The Sea Urchin
Johnny Get Your Hair Cut
Oh Baby
The Magician
Buckaroo Kid
Bigger Than Barnums
The Night Owl
Those Who Love
The Goffy Age
One Man Game
Secondhand Excuse
In Broncho Land
Man in the Shadow
Down the Stretch
Slide Kelly Slide
Gallant Fool
The Little Irish Girl
Sailor Papa
Flaming Frontier
The Great Divide
Jane’s Predicament
Road to Broadway
Obey the Law
Do Women Pay?
Tell it to the Marines
Taxi Taxi
For the term of his natural Life
The Taxi Dancer
Sealed Lips
Buster Prize Winner
Where the North holds Sway
Sensational Seekers
Tin Hats
And George Did It


The Latest from Paris
The Set Up
Passing the Joneses
Never the Dames shall Meet
Polly of the Movies
The Cohens and Kellys in Paris
The Devine Woman
Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Don Juan
Shield of Honour


The Cohens and the Kellys
Wild Orchids
While the City Sleeps


Body and Soul
Charlie Chan Carries On
Blind Wives
Trigger Tricks
Doctor’s Wives
The Wrong Mr Perkins
Girl of the Golden West
Wide Open
The City of Song
The Runaway Bride
Numbered Men
One Romantic Night
Case of Sargent Grischa
Forward March
S-S-S Scandal
The Middle Watch
The Tarnished Lady
Inside the Lines
Hide Out
A Lady’s Morals
Mr Lemon of Orange
Sweet Kitty Bellairs
The Skin Game
Du Barry, Woman of Passion
Oh, Sailor Behave!
Reducing, or the Sorrows of a Fat Woman
Bad Sister
Shanghai Lady
Min and Bill
The Lawyer’s Secret
The Delightful Rogue
The Bad Man
It Pays To Advertise
Jazz Heaven
The Boudoir Diplomat
Vice Squad
Shooting Straight
New Moon
Top Speed
Midnight Mystery
The Yankee at King Arthur’s Court
Love Comes Along
Kick In
Strictly Dishonorable
Almost a Honeymoon
Tilly of Bloombury
The Speckled Band
Monkey Business
The Virtuous Sin
Lots of Money
The Big Splash
Pardon Us
Guilty Hands
The Faces East
Body and Soul
Charlie Chan Carries On
The Secret Call
Finn and Hattie
This Modern Age
Never The Twain Shall Meet
The Squaw Man
Dogville Comedy
Riders of the Purple Sage


Day of Reckoning
Strictly Personal
Hello Everybody
Her Bodyguard
Central Park


Our Little Girl
Broadway Melody of 1936
The Pursuit of Happiness
The Murder Man

1937 (first year as Regent Theatre)

The Devil is a Sissy
Piccadilly Jim
Sworn Enemy
Love Begins At Twenty
Guns of the Pecos
Our Relations
Sweet Music
China Clipper
Early to Bed
Anthony Adverse
Dancing Pirate
Stella Parish
Career Woman
Mr Cinderella
White Angel
Cain & Mabel
Champagne Waltz
We Went To College
His Brother’s Wife
The Case Against Mrs Ames
The Sky Parade
Poor Little Rich Girl
Three Married Men
Isle of Fury
Crime and Punishment
Fair Warning
Rhythm on the Range
Big Brown Eyes
Toll of the Road
Hollywood Party
That Girl From Paris
Trapped by Television
Banjo On My Knee
Straight is the Way
Call Of The Prairie
The Stowaway
Three Cheers For Love
Song Of The Saddle
Sadie McKee
Devil’s Squadron
Bullets or Ballots
Mr Deeds Goes To Town
In Caliente
After The Thin Man
Waikiki Wedding
The Great Ziegfeld
Theodora Goes Wild
Murder with Pictures
Charlie Chan at The Opera
College Holiday
The Texas Rangers
Here Comes Carter
Tarzan and his Mate
The Irish in Us
The General Died at Dawn
Lady Be Careful
The Case of the Velvet Claws
Rose Marie
Hearts in Reunion
Sons O’ Guns
Can This Be Dixie
Under Your Spell
Big Broadcast of 1937
The Plainsman
Gorgeous Hussy
White Hunter
Valient is the name for Carrie
The Pigskin Parade
Charge of the Light Brigade
Step Lively Jeeves
Holy Terror
Lloyd’s of London
Off to the Races
Smartest Girl in Town
I Married a Doctor
American Chump
The Girl from Scotland Yard
The Jungle Princess
Air Hawks
Alibi Ike
Smart Girl
Once A Doctor
Pennies from Heaven
Men in White
Big Brown Eyes
Daniel Boone
Secret Valley
Three on the Trail


The Story of Dr. Ulrich’s Magic Bullet
The Saint’s Double Trouble
Tarzan Finds A Son
Wuthering Heights
The Good Kid
Flight Angels
Viva Cisco Kid
Virginia City
Fast and Furious
Shootin’ High
The Briggs Family
Tower of London
Thunder Afloat
Savannah of the Mounties
They All Come Out
Escape to Paradise
The Grapes of Wrath
Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise
Gunner George
Let Us Live
Doctor O’Dowd
The Girl in 313
Till We Meet Again
Flying Deuces
The Man I Married
For Love or Money
The Roaring Twenties
If I Had My Way
The Shop Around The Corner
The Road to Frisco
The Four Just Men
Manhattan Heartbeat
My Love Came Back
Forty Little Mothers
Code of the Streets
The Courageous Dr. Christian
The Mortal Storm
Sons of the Sea
Years without Days
Forty Thousand Horsemen
River’s End
Anne of Windy Poplars
Money & The Woman
The Sea Hawk
Strange Cargo
The Bride Wore Crutches
My Favorite Wife
Brother Orchid
Vigil In The Night
Girl from Avenue “A”
At The Circus
The Swiss Family Robinson
I Was An Adventuress
Gambling on the High Seas
Spring Parade
The Ghost goes Home
Four Mothers
Henry Goes Arizona
Hired Wife
Men Against The Sky
A Window in London
The Saint Takes Over
My Son, My Son!
Tom Brown’s School Days
The Secret of Dr Kildare
On Borrowed Time
Yesterday’s Heroes
The Crowd Looked On
Seven Sinners
Father’s Son
Over the Moon
Young People
Rose Marie
Danger on Wheels
Lillian Russell
Saps at Sea
U-Boat 29
Honeymoon for Three
City for Conquest
6000 Enemies
The Big Guy
She Couldn’t Say No
The Doctor Takes A Wife
Dance Girl, Dance
House of Seven Gables
Cross Country Romance
The Mark of Zorro
The Girls on Broadway
Ski Patrol
Murder Over New York
It’s A Date
On Their Own
Johnny Apollo
Music in my Heart
The Old Maid
Little Old New York
Young As You Feel
King of the Lumberjacks
Andy Hardy Meets Debutante
Inspector Hornleigh
When the Daltons Rode
Beyond Tomorrow
Young Tom Edison
Joe and Ethel Turp Call On The President
The Earl of Chicago
Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum
Judge Hardy & Son
Frozen Limits
The Vatican City
The Invisible Man Returns
Free, Blonde & 21
Edison The Man
Charter Pilot
You Can’t Take It With You
Always a Bride
The Letter
The Boys from Syracuse


Molly and Me
Maisie goes to Reno
Bud’s won’t Bun
The Thin Man Goes Home
Gambler’s Choice
Andy Hardy’s Blonde Trouble
Spy Ship
The Human Comedy
The Hour Before The Dawn
San Diego I Love You
Girl Crazy
The Falcon in Danger
The Falcon in San Francisco
Tortilla Flat
Dark Mountain
Destination Tokyo
I Was Framed
Little Nellie Kelly
Slightly Terrific
Wonder Man
Rainbow Island
Youth Runs Wild
The National Barn Dance
Casanover Brown
Waterloo Road
Marine Raiders
This Happy Breed
Frisco Sal
Having Wonderful Crime
War of the Wildcats
Song of the Sarong
Fanny by Gaslight
The Beautiful Cheat
Gypsy Wildcat
Take it Big
Gentlemen Jim
The Fighting Lady
Lucky Jordan
Bowery to Broadway
The Woman in the Window
Men in Her Diary
Bride by Mistake
The Merry Monahans
Tonight and Every Night
Up in Mabel’s Room
Watch on the Rhine
Senorita from the West
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Johnny Come Lately
Dangerous Passage
This Love of Ours
Tarzan’s Desert Mystery
The Bridge of San Luis Rey
Timber Queen
The Suspect
Rhythm on Ice
Naughty Marietta
Secret Enemies
The Naughty Nineties
Strange Affair
Salute the Marines
King of the Cowboys
Du Barry was a Lady
Nothing But Trouble
Background to Danger
Rhythm Serenade
Greenwich Village
Gentle Anne
Best Foot Forward
Murder in the Blue Room
And Now Tomorrow
On Approval
Together Again
The Navy Way
Music in Manhatten
Standing Room Only
One Body Too Many
Since You Went Away
Lady of Burlesque
In the meantime Darling
Up In Arms
Charlie Chan In The Secret Service
The Clock
Tough as they Come
Between Two Women
Objective Burma
Somewhere I’ll Find You
Sensations of 1945
The DEMI-Paradise
She Gets Her Man
The Way Ahead
This Is The Army
Natzy Nuisance
Keep Your Powder Dry
Enter Arsene Lupin
Stand by For Action
Reckless Age
The Lamp Still Burns
Louisiana Hayride
For Me and My Gal
Under Western Skies
A Wing and a Prayer
The Falcon and the Co-Eds
The Constant Nymph
The Old Wyoming Trail
The Phantom Lady
Hat Cheek Honey
The Canterville Ghost
Harrigan’s Kid
The Cross of Lorraine
Beautiful but Broke
Yankee Doodle Dandy
The Eve of St. Mark
Pardon my Rhythm
See Here, Private Hargrove
My Pal, Wolf
None but the Lonely Heart
Hi, Good Lookin’
Can’t Help Myself
The Falcon in Mexico
Her Cardboard Lover
Mademoiselle Fifi
Shine On Harvest Moon
I Dood It
Ladies of Washington

Milo and Otis
Hunt for the Red October



The Matrix
Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
Pokemon The Movie

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