Deniliquin’s Hotels

July 5 2017

Beginning here is a list of Hotels that have existed or are currently existing in Deniliquin, this list will be updated over time.

Records have been patchy with the life and death of Hotels falling through the Historical gaps.

Castlemaine Hotel –> Bendigo Hotel

Bendigo Hotel existed on spot of Laughing Chicken until the early 1920’s when it was de-licensed.

Bridge Hotel –> Central Hotel 


House That Jack Built –> Pyke’s Hotel –> Union Club Hotel

The Union Club Hotel existed on the corner of George and Napier Street,

Pyke’s Hotel was rebuilt after 1887 fire destroyed it.

The publicans license for the Union Club Hotel was cancelled on June 2nd 1920.

Dublin Hotel (Napier Street)


Federal Hotel (Still Standing)

The Federal Hotel replaced the Black Swan Hotel after the fire in 1896


Terminus – -> Drover’s Arms –> Oddfellows –> Pig & Whistle

Pig & Whistle existed on the corner Poictiers and Hardinge Streets now site of Party Hire.

Victoria Hotel (North Deniliquin)

Was located in Davidson Street

Court House Hotel –> Globe Hotel (Still Standing, rebuilt after 1883 fire )


Carrier’s Rest Hotel –> Railway Hotel

The Carrier’s Rest was unlicensed in the early 1920’s and was presumably re-opened as the Railway Hotel in 1924 after a fire destroyed the Railway Refreshment Rooms next to the Railway platform.


Carrier’s Arms

Not related to the Carrier’s Rest Hotel.

Located in North Deniliquin under Mr Cowley in 1877.

White Lion Hotel

Known as The Zoo, there have been two buildings as the White Lion with the current building opening in 1958.

White Lion.png

Black Swan Inn/Hotel

Destroyed in an 1896 fire

Edward River Hotel (still standing, North Deniliquin)

Nicknamed the Buncha, this Hotel has withstood several floods and damage from an 1891 storm.


Faugh-a-Ballagh –> Sportsman’s Arms Hotel (still exists)

Faugh-a-Ballagh was also the name of a horse.


Exchange Hotel (South Deniliquin)

Perhaps South Deniliquin’s only still wholly original Hotel from the 1800’s.


Royal Hotel –> Coach House Motor Inn –>  Royal Colonial Hotel Motel –> Coach House


The Shamrock Hotel

Was located in Victoria Street where it still exists as a house

The Queensland Hotel (North Deniliquin c1878)

The Queensland Hotel was mentioned in February 1878 being owned by Mr Robert Middlemiss and it would be the 29th Hotel in Deniliquin at the time with the 30th being The Continental .

No record of the Queensland Hotel in the Government Gazette of 1879.

The Court House Hotel

The Court House Hotel was a popular hotel that existed into the late 1960’s, the site of the Hotel is where Target is today.

The Camperdown

Was located in Harrison Street which was then part of Duncan Street, The Camperdown is known to be seen in at least one photograph.

The Camperdown is also listed in 1877 as being in End Street.

The Live & Let Live –> Brewers Arms

The Brewers Arms was in End Street which was partly turned into Maher Street, still exists as a house.

The Highlander Inn –> The Commercial Hotel –>The Australian Club Hotel –> Tattersall’s

Listed in 1867 as the ‘Highlander and Irons’ Family Hotel’

As the Commercial Hotel, the Hotel caught fire in 1884 killing four people.

Tattersall’s remained standing until the 1960’s when it made way for a Caltex Service Station, the remains of the service station can be partly seen in present building.

Whipple’s Hotel –> Wanderer Inn

burnt down in 1867

North Deniliquin Arms –> National Hotel

Destroyed by fire in 1884 was at Victoria Street

Belmore Arms –> Garibaldi Arms –> Guilliere’s –> Sandhurst

A kitchen fire killed Mrs Guilliere in October 1901.

Galbraith’s Union Hotel/Inn

Mr W Galbraith died in 1891

Destroyed by Fire in 1894, stood on the corner of Hay Road and Smart Street.

Rebuilt further off the road, last recorded as standing in 1988.

Bee-hive Hotel

Recorded as Bee-Hive and Beehive Hotel and was located in Cressy Street.

First record was in 1877 and The last record was in 1880.

Railway –> Kyneton Club Hotel (KCH unlicensed c1932)

The Kyneton Club Hotel survived the mass de-licensing of 1921/22 but was de-licensed in the 1930’s, the building stood at least into the 1970’s before being demolished for businesses.


Railway Refreshment Rooms

Destroyed in 1924 fire, license presumably transferred to former Carrier’s Rest Hotel to become Railway Hotel.

There is a record for a Railway Station Hotel in 1877 which is presumed to be the Refreshment Rooms.

Riverina/Riverine Hotel

Was located in Deniliquin North c1878

Imperial Hotel

Planned name of the pub was Kings Arms, opened on Hay Road in 1878 as the Imperial Hotel and stood until 1970.

The Imperial was reconstructed in 1987 as part of Pioneer Tourist Park.


Bush Inn

Was located in Napier Street definitely in 1880 and last recorded in 1881.

Continental Hotel (located where Ho’s is)

Planned for in 1878 by Mr Sehested as Sehested’s Continental Hotel.

Publican went insolvent in 1884 new owner Mr Sinclair mentioned as Licencee in 1888.

Revenue Hotel

St George Hotel

Was located at George & Cressy Street

North Deniliquin Hotel

First mentioned in September 1866, last mentioned in 1877 list of Hotels.

Supreme Court Inn/Hotel

Located in Cressy Street, was thought to be the same as the Court House Hotel until a list of Hotels revealed both existed at the same time.

Decimus Lamb was in charge of the Supreme Court Hotel in 1875 and is also tied to the


8 thoughts on “Deniliquin’s Hotels

  1. The Shamrock Hotel,The Queensland Hotel-both Nth Deni…The Court House Hotel-Cressy st,Brewers Arms-Maher st (then End st),The Camperdown-Harrison st (then Duncan st) The Live & Let Live (later changed name to Brewers Arms)


  2. The Highlander Inn became The Commercial Hotel,then The Australian Club Hotel,and then finally Tattersalls


  3. The Royal Hotel,then the Coach House Motor Inn,then The Royal Colonial Hotel Motel,now The Coach House


  4. Faugh-a-Ballagh-Sportsmans Arms
    Bridge Hotel-Central
    House That Jack Built-Pyke’s-Union Club
    North Deniliquin Arms-National
    Supreme Court House-The Globe
    Belmore Arms-Garibaldi Arms-Giuleri’s-Sandhurst
    Terminus-Drover’s Arms-Oddfellows-Pig & Whistle
    Black Swan-Federal
    Galbraith’s Union
    Railway-Kyneton Club
    Railway Refreshment Rooms
    Carrier’s Arms
    Carrier’s Rest-(where Railway is now)
    Adam’s Riverine
    Bush Inn
    Continental-Now Ho’s


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