Deniliquin’s Café history

Deniliquin has had a lot of Cafe’s over the years and we’re attempting to name them all which will take some time to do as we look over photographs and other images and records.

Some of these may be businesses that existed in the same place but in different names.

Broadway Café

Mona Café

Café Bakery 285 (current)

Bronte’s Gourmet (current)

Crossing Café (current)

McDonald’s Café (not the Golden Arches)

Globe Hotel and Café

Scoop n Brew (current)

Primrose Café

Red Rose Diner (current)

Deni Diner

Blue Sea Café

Black Cat Café

Central Café

Old Dublin Café

Sushi Bite Café (Current)

Bishop’s Café

McCann’s Town Hall Café

Probert’s Café

Napier Café

Ads for the Napier Cafe started appearing in The Independent in December 1925.

Andronico Brothers were the Proprietors and their ads offered patrons the following

Best Fruit Procurable
Cool Fountain Drinks
Best Brands of Confectionery
Ice Cream
Big variety in Ice Cream Specials and Sundaes
Orders taken for Poultry
Specialty Cooked ‘Pineapple’ Hams
Fishing and Picnic Parties catered for
Meals at all hours








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